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Submitted on
November 19, 2011


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Comic book preorder

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 19, 2011, 2:26 AM

Preorders for The world in frames comic book collections are open.
This book contains amateurish arists' comics who would like to succeed, but no chance to find  employment at big company.  

:star: The world in frames :star:

Language: ENGLISH
Size:  A5
:bulletorange: About 135 pages B&W + chibis
:bulletorange: Colored cover (wip)
Number of stories:   5 piece
Price of book:  4 euro (with paypal fee)
Shipping fees:  4 euro / book

Preorders time: NOW until 31th December 2011
Printing schedule:  January 2012
Invoices schedule: January – February 2012


LOL – Legend of Orcoo and Luna

Fantasy, humor.
Imagine discovering a gateway between parallel universes... Well, that is not what happens here.

We only see how the hasty dran assassin, Orcoo destroys the everyday lives of two worlds at the same time. As Orcoo presumptuously makes a mistake during one of his quests, Xazor, a wandering comet in space lands right in the Eastern sea of Erdaria. Erdarian heroes arrive to discover this new „world" and Xazorian champions set out to explore their new, hopefully temporary home. This is where we enter the story...


:thumb269188917: LOL page 1 by Lunareth :thumb269535240:


Scarlet Empress

A short adventure from the far-Eastern corner of an unknown time and world.
Akane, the tyrant empress and witch has to leave the comfortable and rich world of her imperial palace to find the most important ingredient to ensure the success of her future plans.
But will everything go according to her plan and will? Or will she have to realize that the world is not only black and white?
Maybe she will learn it from this short journey...


Scarlet Empress one-shot samplepages by Mau-Acheron


Simple Words of Wisdom

Slice of life. Drama. The story of a young girl who is afraid of the future. With bullies, school, and the constant question of "What are you going to do with your life?" looming over her, she looks to her loving grandfather for advice.


Simple Words of Wisdom Pg1 by Scotty6000 Simple Words of Wisdom Pg2 by Scotty6000 Simple Words of Wisdom Pg3 by Scotty6000


You're mine!

My name is Atamura Naoko. I'm a thief... I have broken in to so many places, I'm bored with it all... Before every job, I go to one of my acquaintances who's a fortune teller. She tells me what I can count on. This way, I can't be surprised. It's been proved often that she predicts the truth... I trust her. This morning when I visited her again, she said: "Today you will find loot that will let you stop your thieving for the rest of your life. You will steal something of great value, and you will be happy as long as you live." Sounds great. I wonder what I will find in the next house...


Enyim vagyol by Inusen page3 by Inusen page4 by Inusen page5 by Inusen


Goblin in Love

Romantic, fantasy
Protecting an enormous forest from danger is not a small task. This is the everyday responsibility of a tiny goblin. One day, however, brings an unexpected change. Fighting dragons is not a piece of cake, but it looks like winning the heart of his chosen lady is a greater challenge than all the ones he had to face so far. Will he ever succeed?


Goblin in Love  cover by ChoiRiRa sample pg01 by ChoiRiRa sample pg02 by ChoiRiRa

:bulletgreen:How to Order:bulletgreen:

Send me :iconazzedar-san: a note with this title: Preorder

:bulletred:Insert this informations:

-Number of copies:
-Address(don't forget your country please):
-Paypal account associated to the order (ex: ):

And then?

I'll check my notes everyday or every 2 days. I'll send you a note back to give you the total amount of your order(books+shipping)and my paypal adress for the payment. Then when I recieve your payment I send you a note to confirm you order.
Books will be printed according to the previous schedule.

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What the...??
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Kitty-Yasashii Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2011  Student General Artist
Seems like a very interesting project to help up and coming artists get published. What are the prices in American currency?
Azzedar-san Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2011

Thank you very much for the interest :hug: Huh.... 4 euros maybe 5.4 dollars atm ^^;
THEAIMANDPS Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i`d really love to join but i can`t do digital drawings i`m making my manga but its traditional and its kinda not so long but its about 300 pages and its a full story so.... what do you think?
Azzedar-san Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2011

No need to do it in digital way. There was a competition but the deadline is over: [link]

If it will be successful we'll try it again next year :D Thank you for the interest :hug:
THEAIMANDPS Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ok then let me know when you`ll put another comic completion :) thanks for the help^^
Azzedar-san Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2011
You're very welcome :D
Shinjuuki Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2011
i wish i could :(
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